Vibrating foam roller

114.99 €


The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is ideal for self massage, rehabilitation, and performance training in the comfort of your own home.

This scientifically proven vibration technology improves general muscle health and recovery time after consistent/hard training (DOMS). The vibrations increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. When using a vibrating foam roller before training, it can enhance performance or when used after a session, it can speed up recovery significantly. Regular use over time will reduce risk of injury, illness, and can improve long-term muscle health and performance.

With the vibrating foam roller’s variable settings, it enables you to deliver different levels of vibration intensity, depending on the individual’s needs and targeted muscle groups. The low power settings are ideal for a more relaxing massage or on those tired/sensitive areas. The higher levels deliver a more intense deep tissue treatment for those muscle knots and trigger points.

How to use:

If you want to know how to use a vibrating foam roller effectively, you’ve come to the right place. This foam roller will do all of the hard work. By gently resting the target muscle on the vibrating foam roller, this will allow the vibration to penetrate into the muscle for an effective treatment.

By using body weight as you would with a classic foam roller and through the use of the variable settings, the vibrating foam roller is able to deliver a deeper, more intense vibration therapy. Treatment can be self-administered in a focused area or moved around in a more general massaging motion.


These vibrating foam rollers increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles by up to 22% after hard training (DOMS). This helps to speed up recovery and maintain the strength in muscles that is usually temporarily lowered after a workout.