Door pulley stretch strap

€ 17,12


A fabulous pulley based stretch strap to help improve leg lifts, leg kicks, arabesques, leg pulls, needles, scorpions. Its an invaluable piece of equipment for those who do gymnastics, dance, MMA, cheerleading, figure skating - or even yoga.

Its made of one long cotton strap with two adjustable loops at either end - for your leg and hand to hold. The long strap passes through the D ring on the short strap. Then the short strap (with the rolled cotton stopper) is placed over the top of the door. Close the door firmly and give the long strap a firm tug to make sure the stopper is sitting snugly behind the door. And you are ready to go.

And its as simple as that. No screws, no fixings, no clamps. You just need a door that closes tight shut.

The door pulley is from cotton webbing as this is more environmentally friendly. The door pulley comes with its own very useful carry bag.