Elite Spinner

vanaf € 672,50


Introducing the Elite Spinner which is made entirely from aluminium making it lightweight and resistant. Designed with a unique compact shape and slimline design, you can take your spinner wherever you want. Pair it up with our Elite Spinner Padded Bag, as the perfect companion, to protect your equipment.

No excuses not to train! You can use it anywhere! Our spinners are made with high-quality anti-slip pads which are found on the top AND the bottom. This ensures that you have the best possible grip on ANY surface.


The Elite Spinner’s main goal is to help you to increase your spinning and air rotation speed. Do you want to improve your jumps, spins & twizzles? Don’t worry, we have you covered!


CNC machined entirely from aerospace grade aluminium. Making it lightweight and thin, meaning you can take your spinner anywhere! The Elite Spinner is low profile at 35mm thick, is only 4.8kg in weight and with a diameter of 300mm you can easily take it with you for training. It is so small you can store it at home under the bed! Our bespoke Elite Spinner Padded Bag is the perfect companion to store your spinner when it is not in use.