Ugoskate Thermoset Balalaika

€ 85,00

incl. belastingen plus verzending


A training suit for figure skating girls in bright colors. The cut of the model allows you to actively move on ice and not be distracted by pulling sleeves and straightening trousers.

  • The thermal suit keeps warm, is ideally suited for training in the conditions of "cold ice"
  • The Italian thermal fabric “Vuelta” has good breathability, which is why even with the most intense training, the skater’s body will continue to “breathe”
  • The soft pile of fabric allows you to maintain optimal body temperature and provides maximum thermal protection.
  • The fabric is resistant to wear and spools and is very pleasing to the body.
  • High stretch of fabric in all directions allows you to perform any elements without stiffness of movement.
  • Ugoskate figure skating clothes do not fade, do not fade and preserve the richness of colors, even with regular washings.