Wobble Cushion

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Introducing the wobble cushion. The most versatile piece of equipment to help improve balance and core strength.

The wobble cushion is inflatable - the more air you put in the more stable the cushion is. Less air = more wobble. So the cushion can develop with you - the better you get the more wobbly the cushion can become.

The wobble cushion promotes stronger ankles. The wobble cushion develops core strength - indirectly when learning to balance on your feet (even 2 feet can be tricky to start with). But also directly - add some fun to your crunches routine by doing it on a wobble cushion.

The wobble cushion has a smooth side and a side with wobble nobbles! The wobble nobbles massage the base of your feet, or sore glutes when standing or sitting on it.

Even sitting on the wobble cushion can be difficult and will help improve posture and core strength.

Its portable, light weight - no hard edges to hurt yourself on if you fall off and generally a must have item for anyone wanting to improve balance, core strength or posture.

33cm Diameter - Made of PVC.

The wobble cushion is inflated using the valve that you wil find on the wobble nobble side of the cushion.

We supply an adaptor (similar to one you use to blow up footballs) which can be screwed onto a normal bicycle pump, and the cushion will be inflated in a matter of seconds.

Inflate the wobble cushion so it looks like a fat disc. If its too wobbly put some more air in. If it is too firm and you want more wobble, let some air out. And then get wobbling (and balancing of course)